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The Perfect Venue For You

When planning your wedding, one of your first tasks will be to select your wedding venue. There are so many factors to consider when choosing where to say "I do." At Ten Seven Events, we are familiar with every wedding venue in the Mid-South area. We know the cost, the capacity, and most importantly, the vibe. What type of vibe or feeling do you want on your wedding day?

Do you want to get married in a church or have a very traditional religious setting? Do you want a very glamorous feeling that you may get at The Cadre Building or the Peabody Hotel? You may want a rustic vibe that you would get at Heartwood Hall or Mallard's Croft.

Next is the part that we hate, the budget. You should typically spend 30% of your budget on the venue. So if your wedding budget is $10,000, you would spend around $3,000 on the venue. PLEASE do not look at venues that are outside of your budget because you will fall in love, quickly have your heart broken, and be tormented throughout the remainder of the planning process.

When you start visiting the venues and prepare to select the one, ask many many questions and always read the fine print. Many venues will require that you use their preferred vendors which means that cousin Larry won't be your photographer.

Are there additional costs for a required security guard, setup and breakdown of tables and chairs, not using their preferred vendors? How much time will you have the venue? Is a wedding rehearsal included? What kind of parking is available? Your wedding planner will know the questions to ask and get all of the answers.

Lastly you want to have a contract as you would with all of your vendors. Your professional wedding planner will review all of your vendor contracts and ensure that everyone is complying with their end of the deal. You should be familiar with the cancellation policy. Many brides learned how important that is when COVID-19 made an appearance in 2020.

If you're just too busy to call the venues, check prices, narrow down the selections, and visit several venues, hire an Event Planning Professional. At Ten Seven Events, we will take care of all of this for you. Please click the button below to schedule a consultation.

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