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We are currently going through unusual times. If you planned to get married in 2020, then it is likely that your wedding plans have changed. You may have postponed your wedding or have chosen to have a completely different type of ceremony. Remember that your ultimate goal is to have a happy, healthy marriage that is full of love to last a lifetime. The wedding is just the beginning. Your wedding or wedding date does not define your marriage.

At 10.7 Events we have also changed some of the services that we offer in order to accommodate the current times. We are offering a "socially distanced" package for couples who are ready to tie the knot in a fun, intimate and safe way. This package includes the arrangement of an officiant, setup and decor, flowers, help with selecting a cake, caterer, and photographer along with any other services that you would like for the day. The setup will accommodate 8-10 guests and starts at $500. We will also broadcast your ceremony via Zoom so that your friends and family can tune in.

This ceremony can take place in your church, backyard, a park, a restaurant, inside of your home, or the location of your choice. We will just verify that the location complies with the current regulations.

If you are ready to start the next chapter of your life with your new spouse, contact us today by calling (901)461-1772 or send an email to

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