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20 Questions to Ask Your Wedding Photographer

We all know that the wedding photographer is probably the second most important vendor (the event planner is first of course) that you will hire for your wedding day. When meeting with wedding photographers, it is important that you ask all of the right questions. If you hire a wedding planner, such as myself, she will know all of the questions to ask. Your wedding planner will work very closely with your photographer to ensure that all of the photos that you desire are captured.

As an event planner, I create a detailed timeline that I share with the photographer. We want to make sure that the important shots are captured during the time frame that you have contracted with your photographer. Below I have listed the most important questions to ask your potential wedding photographer.

  1. How would you describe your style of photography?

  2. Is our date available?

  3. How far in advance do we need to book our date?

  4. Do you have any previous experience photographing weddings? How much experience?

  5. Have you shot a wedding at our venue?

  6. What is your fee?

  7. What is included in that fee?

  8. Are taxes included in that price? (Shelby County TN: Fee: $1800, with taxes: $1975.50)

  9. Do you offer engagement sessions? Is an engagement session included in the package?

  10. Do we own the rights to our pictures?

  11. Can we see a sample contract?

  12. What are your overtime charges?

  13. How much do you require for the deposit?

  14. When is the deposit due?

  15. When is the final payment due?

  16. What is your cancellation policy?

  17. Do you retouch the photos?

  18. Is there an additional fee to retouch the photos?

  19. How many photographers will be there on the wedding day?

  20. How long until we can see the wedding photos?

This list makes up about half of the questions. Contact us today to book a consultation. We know all of the questions to ask all of your vendors.

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